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Online Slots


When online slots games are three reel slots, there are only three reels that spin. There are multiple combinations that can be made so the player can win. The combinations are many but the positions are not. Most of the time, the winning combination has to be across or diagonal. Many times players are surprised to find that the position of the winning combination determines the amount of the payout. [...]

Blackjack Tournaments


For more advanced strategists, it is best to try to be the last position in the last round. Advantage goes up and down and back and forth with each round, but the most important round is the last one. This is the one where most tournaments are decided. If you are last to bet, you have more of an incentive to bet aggressively and pull off a last minute win. [...]

Online Scratch Cards

lottery ticket prize ticket

When they were first introduced, many countries such as Greece and Canada attempted to ban the online scratch card, under the guise of “fighting crime”. As such, many internet cafes were shuttered, much like the speakeasies of old. However, after public outcry, these countries have mostly come around to supporting online gaming, owing to strong support from the gambling public. [...]

Online Video Poker


In many places, there is no escaping the option of playing video poker. Those that choose to play often lose because they don’t know the basics of poker. As they play these games, they look for a crash course and want to win. Just as in any game of poker, video poker takes skill and knowledge of the game to play and win. [...]